XV International Ornithological Conference dedicated to the memory of academician M.A. Menzbir

Russia, Irkutsk, 23-28 August 2021


We are glad to invite you to take part in the XV International Ornithological Conference of North Eurasia, in Irkutsk (Russia), hosted by Irkutsk State University.

The Conference will summarize the results of ornithological surveys within the vast region of North Eurasia during the last years passed since the last ornithological conference in Almaty (2015).

During the Conference it is supposed to listen and discuss presentations on all range of topical questions of fundamental and practical ornithology, to summarize the results and outline perspectives for the ornithological surveys within the North Eurasian region, as well as issues of preparation and publishing of faunistic reviews in the region’s countries, popularization of ornithology and further development of its practical aspects, including conservation and sustainable use of birds, educational aspects and history of studying birds within the vast territory of North Eurasia. By the beginning of the conference it is planned to publish abstracts of symposium «Birds and their role in the spread of viruses». Field excursions will take place after the Conference.

● The Minsk 2020 abstracts can be downloaded here
● Call for symposium papers «Birds and their role in the spread of viruses»

Location: V.G. Rasputin's Scientific Library, Lermontov str., 124